Who we are

We are your heroes. A team of super-talent, here to help you to build your brand into the master of its own universe.

We are your brand superheroes

Our mission (and we choose to accept it) is to help you in your quest to build your brand. Ever vigilant in the battle of good versus evil, our challenge is to make your brand invincible, building it to monumental proportions and protecting it from dastardly competitors.

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How we do it

Acts of brand heroism require superhuman strength and curiosity of spirit – and the occasional super power used to death-defying effect. So we can blend in with humans, we deliver brand promise through our intelligent process:


Using our X-Ray vision, we work tirelessly to make your brand successful. We do this by understanding your challenges and demystifying strategy to create meaningful solutions in the minds of your consumers.

We get to the heart of what you want to achieve, by being insightful. Some say it’s our mind-reading super power, but to a brand super hero, it’s about listening to your needs and working with you to address them.


We create the blueprint for success. We design to make strategy creative, by ensuring our heroic deeds deliver visible and realistic benefits. You won’t need X-Ray glasses to see the results.

Our creative work is also strategic – making it measurable. We work to build performance measurement into our work, to maximise the return on your investment. No vortex at work here!


We make a ‘Super Hero Alliance’ by working with you to ensure your brand communicates across all the media your consumer needs. And, we project in to the future, developing epic solutions to protect your brand world.

We constantly check back to your objectives to reveal the truth in our endeavours. We look for pertinence, trust and currency to align with your consumer expectations. This makes sure our projects are aligned with your brand strategy.


Getting results. That is our focus. No mystery. No masks. No secrets.

We keep your brand and your consumer at the forefront of what we do, ensuring you are different, relevant and authentic.

Our delivery style is down to earth and pragmatic, which allows us to hide our super hero characteristics. This brings certainty and clarity in a world of chaos. It’s comforting to know we are everyday heroes!

Super hero facts

Number of kittens rescued from trees

Number of pairs of X-ray specs used

Number of tins of invisible paint used

Number of planets saved



What members of the Superhero Alliance say about Stars and Heroes

  • I have had no hesitation in using Stars and Heroes and recommend them at every given opportunity.

    - Nourkrin - CEO -
    • The BEST.

      - SONY - Creative Director -
    • Head of Regen loves it! Please feel very honoured as it has never happened before that she is happy with something designed by a third party company.

      - Blaenavon - Business Marketing Manager -

    You no longer need to dream

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